Buying YouTube views from ViewYar: Is it safe and legal?

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Advantages of Buying YouTube views.

You can promote your Youtube channel to your various social media networks to gain more views. But, it is not convenient and is time consuming. For an easy way, Viewyar extended its services to its valued clients. It will provide massive views based on your availed packages. Also, your channel will attract more viewers by thinking it is interesting and worthy of their time. If more people will be engaged, your view count will also increase and your Youtube channel will be acknowledged by thousands or even millions of people!

Moreover, buying Youtube views from Viewyar is a great way to be a niche authority. Meaning, many people will interact in your channel and share your content. It is also a good way to interact with other people ― breaking geographical boundaries. Moreover, Youtube can be a tool to earn money. You can apply for your youtube channel to be monetized if approved by Google AdSense. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total watch time to gain the approval of Google AdSense.

Furthermore, Viewyar provides high-quality views, meaning, you will not get fake views from bots. This site offers real views from real people to avoid difficulties, such as: banning your channel, deleting your video and Youtube strikes. Buying real views is not a waste of money hence it is a great investment for your Youtube channel. Fake views will make your views drop from time to time and then your account will be flagged until you lose your credibility. With this, it will be hard for you to gain more views and your popularity will be at stake; or worse, your channel might end up with zero watch time. So, it is advised that you should choose your service provider wisely to avoid these unnecessary difficulties.
Of course, you have a choice whether to buy views or not. But, without buying views, it will take a lot of time―probably several months or even years to earn massive number of view counts.


In terms of privacy, Viewyar collects information from its clients. The auto-collected information is called “Device information”. Inclusive of the device information are web browser, IP address, time zone and some the cookies installed on its client's device. As well as, the referred websites, search terms and the details of your interaction with the site. In order to monitor its visitors in the site and to collect information, it uses cookies, log files, web beacons, tags and pixels.

In terms of personal information given by its clients, Viewyar is not allowed to disclose such information to other parties. These details are used to contact its clients; to screen the orders for potential fraud; and for advertising purposes. However, there are some exceptional cases. Viewyar needs to disclose its client's personal information in the following circumstances:

If the information were requested by authorized personnel of the government
For the security of its clients under necessary situations In terms of lawful liabilities.

Additionally, it is safe and reliable in terms of payment. Viewyar offers both Paypal and credit card which is encrypted by 256-bit SSL certificate. The purpose of encryption is to protect its client's details from other persons. And, this site does not ask for any password of its clients. To sum up, VIEWYAR IS 100% SAFE.
Furthermore, it is legal to buy Youtube views; there is no such prohibition for these practices. But, if it is against Youtube’s terms and condition like using fraudulent tactics, the perpetrator's Youtube channel will be banned. Also, if the user takes spam actions, Youtube will apply necessary measures to take down the user's channel.


Viewyar was known for its bulk packages―offering thousands and millions of views to its valued customers. Viewyar can hasten your dream to be the next Youtube sensation!

Here are the following steps to buy Youtube views:

  • Choose your package
  • Insert your video URL
  • Enter the required personal information
  • Click continue to payment
  • Pay via PayPal or credit card

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