Buying YouTube likes ? from ViewYar: Is it safe and legal?

No law prohibits buying Youtube likes ― it is legal and acceptable. However, if the creator violated copyright law and provides harmful content, Youtube will take necessary actions to take the creator's channel down. Moreover, just like dealing with views and subscribers, necessary cautions must be applied. Scammers and false advertisement are spreading all over the internet. As a buyer, you must be careful when picking your service provider. In order to avoid complications, Viewyar provides high-quality Youtube likers, meaning, it provides real likes from real users.

In terms of payment, Viewyar transacts with Paypal and credit card which are legitimate and reliable. Aside from that, with these modes of payment, it would be convenient for you to transact safely. This site assures you that there will no leakage of customer's details and will not even ask for its clients’ passwords because Viewyar gives value to its clients.

Advantages of buying Youtube likes from Viewyar

Youtube likes can serve as a kickstart for every Youtubers. There are massive direct competitions in Youtube every minute. Interesting and worthy content are not the only considerations to boost your Youtube channel. Moreover, Youtube is a social media network that is why exposure is a great factor to boost your Youtube presence. In order to do that, Viewyar offers bulk packages for its clients to give assurance that your channel will climb to the top. Youtube likes is a crucial parameter for Youtube algorithm. Based on various studies, Youtube likes probably are one of the main considerations to rank first in search engine results page. In other words, the basis is the engagement of the viewers to the creator’s content.

If organic likers found out that your content has massive number of likes, they will not miss to view your videos and give positive engagement. Also, people will think that since you have a large number of likes, they will probably have an impression that your content is interesting and worth of their time.

How to Buy YouTube likes in ViewYar?

Listed below are the methods on how to buy Youtube likes in Viewyar.


  • Choose your package
  • Insert your video URL
  • Enter the required personal information
  • Click continue to payment
  • Pay via PayPal or credit